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Integrated urban infrastructure planning

Urban infrastructure planning and implementation face many challenges. New developments often need to be integrated with older infrastructure, many city populations are growing rapidly and there are many new demands on infrastructure that is already stretched.

The provision of essential resources such as water and electricity is often strained to the limit. The conservation of water, water harvesting and efficient recycling of water have become priorities in almost every country.

Challenges to urban infrastructure planning and implementation

  • Need to integrate old and new infrastructure
  • New and heavy demands on infrastructure: o Greater traffic density o Increased population density o Overload on public transport o Demand for fast broadband and telecoms across commercial and residential usage o Additional strain on all elements of infrastructure with a greater proportion of high-rise commercial and residential buildings
  • Greater emphasis on reducing pollution, improving air quality and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contemporary urban planning demands more green spaces and a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and young residents
  • New expectations for a resident-friendly domestic, social and commercial environment
  • Integration of renewable energy (e.g. rooftop solar) with conventional energy supply

CIP urban infrastructure solutions

CIP adopts a multidisciplinary approach to urban infrastructure, recognising the complex relationships among all aspects of infrastructure and the interplay of new and old.

We draw on examples of successful urban renewal and development and integrate international examples with local requirements.

Good examples exist of modernisation and upgrading of essential urban infrastructure services, such as water, waste water, electricity and gas. We adapt these examples to create solutions for local needs.