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Renewable energy for economic and environmental sustainability

The challenges of anthropogenic climate change and the demands of global modernisation and population growth make the widespread implementation of renewable energy a priority for every nation. Rapid progress has been made in the technologies underpinning solar energy projects, and nearly all main categories of renewable energy now have viable scalable projects in operation somewhere on the globe.

Choosing the optimum renewable energy project for a particular location has now become a detailed and reliable science. However, renewable technologies are evolving rapidly, and project managers and engineers must keep pace with these developments.

The CIP approach to renewable energy projects

CIP has expertise and experience across the renewable energy spectrum, with a special focus on photovoltaic solar projects.

Our team of associates are experienced practitioners in PV solar, and are conversant with the latest developments in technology and project implementation.

Capacity building priority

PV Solar uses innovative technologies requiring engineers to have specialist knowledge and experience. Effective project design and implementation – producing maximum efficiency and durability – demands the highest level of expertise and the most up-to-date knowledge..

CIP has created expert training programmes for solar engineers, including a 6-month postgraduate level work-based programme, encompassing all the elements of practical knowledge for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of solar plants..

Our programmes incorporate the most recent and comprehensive knowledge at global standards, adapted for local parameters..

We provide skills training programmes for solar technicians, and vertical integration of engineering and technical skills.

Effective Solutions for Infrastructure Challenges