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Enhancing healthcare through innovation

One of the biggest challenges in the developing world and rapidly developing economies is making good quality healthcare accessible and affordable. Many advances have been made globally in prevention and treatment, but the challenge remains to make these modalities available to large swathes of the population, especially in countries where a significant proportion of the population is dispersed in relatively remote rural areas, or indeed in large congested cities.

Globally, there is a need to make advances in medical science that have been pioneered in developed nations available to other parts of the world.

Digital medicine for universal healthcare

  • Digitising patient records for diagnosis, analysis, treatment and epidemiological research
  • Statistical analysis to prevent and control epidemics
  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis, including wireless technologies
  • Online doctors' surgeries for remote areas
  • Innovations in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment using digital technology and other innovations

CIP solutions in healthcare

The field of digital medicine offers solutions to many of the challenges facing healthcare globally. CIP specialises in identifying solutions through digital technology, communication techniques and other technological advances. Digital medicine is creating a new paradigm for healthcare. Telemedicine techniques can make healthcare more universally available and more affordable, for the provider, practitioner and user. The spectrum of technologies and strategies in digital medicine has the potential to make healthcare:

  • More affordable
  • More precise
  • More effective
  • More widely distributed
  • More egalitarian

CIP is actively investigating how innovative high-tech methods can improve the effectiveness and availability of healthcare.