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Advisory services

Many large infrastructure projects especially in larger countries, such as India, are ground-breaking. No projects of a similar nature or scale have been executed anywhere before. The satisfactory completion of infrastructure projects depends on the complex interplay of several components. Each component must be executed at a high standard and all components must be successfully integrated.

Good project management includes:

  • Most appropriate technology (bearing in mind that the most appropriate technology may not necessarily be the most recent-depending on the environment for project implementation)
  • Managerial and technical competence
  • Integration with other infrastructure sectors
  • Public and private sector integration
  • The matching of infrastructure projects across the nation and region
  • Incorporation of international best practice
  • Best use of potential partnerships
  • Most appropriate project modelling and financing
  • Whole project lifetime approach – which is often lacking in public sector projects and public sector funded projects

The CIP approach to advisory services

CIP implements an integrated approach to advisory services for infrastructure projects, including:

  • Locate and work with sector specialists with best experience in matching or relevant projects
  • Bring together public and private sector experts
  • Make use of successful project examples in the sector, and migrate successful methods used in relevant successful projects in other sectors
  • Utilise the resources of custodians of best practice in the country, including: apex organisations, industry focus groups, departments in universities, business schools and engineering colleges
  • Work with the management of the organisation and other stakeholders in the design, development and implementation of a project
  • Where relevant, monitor the effectiveness and success of the project through research and other relevant instruments