Integrated approach for comprehensive solutions

Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners (CIP) provides integrated solutions for the complex challenges facing infrastructure development everywhere.

The spectrum of infrastructure challenges

  • The more developed nations often have saturated but outdated infrastructure, creating challenges of modernisation
  • Rapidly developing emerging economies, especially the larger countries, face very substantial financial, technical and physical challenges to create the new infrastructure necessary to sustain economic development and improvements in the quality of life across the nation
  • The least-developed nations have multi-faceted challenges of building infrastructure, developing implementation capability and skills, and attracting foreign investment to stimulate the economic growth that will fuel future development

Integrated solutions

  • Input from sector specialists
  • Advanced capacity building
  • Comprehensive skills development
  • Training in international best practice
  • Access to international expertise
  • Integration of public and private sectors

Our Team

CIP's founding directors are Dr Geoffrey Clements and Jonathan Ling. Geoffrey and Jonathan both have career-long experience in infrastructure-related projects, spanning capacity building, skills development, higher education in management and technology and on-the-ground experience with project implementation and project management.


The CIP directors engage sector specialists from their professional network as partners to develop and deliver their customised programmes. Wherever practical and applicable, CIP's partners have experience relevant to the countries where the projects will be implemented.

Relationships with higher education institutions in Commonwealth countries

The CIP directors and their colleagues have active relationships with universities, business schools and engineering colleges throughout the Commonwealth, including:

The UK, India, Australia and Southern Africa

Infrastructure experience

  • Capacity building
  • Master planning
  • Skills training
  • Curriculum development for higher and further education in Leadership and management, technology, engineering management, project management, governance, public/private sector integration
  • Government ministry workshops
  • Private sector workshops

Regions covered by CIP

  • India and South Asia
  • West Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Australasia and the Pacific
  • Canada