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Infrastructure Development in the Commonwealth

The countries of the Commonwealth face diverse and substantial challenges in the development and modernisation of their infrastructure. Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners implements a comprehensive approach to provide integrated and lasting solutions to these challenges.

Every Commonwealth country has its own unique set of challenges, and these vary from one sector to another. They include:

  • Lack of physical resources
  • Lack of financial resources
  • Lack of integration between public and private sectors
  • Inadequate exposure to international best practice
  • Lack of management and technical capability, and deficient skills training

A common thread running through all these factors is inadequate implementation capability as a result of deploying insufficient resources in capacity building. A focus on human resource development can often unlock resources and create domestic & international confidence, leading the way to progressive national development.

Effective Solutions for Infrastructure Challenges

Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners provides expertise for successful infrastructure development

Capacity building

  • Successful implementation of infrastructure projects depends on a skilled and experienced expert workforce.
  • CIP specialises in capacity building programmes to create self-sustaining best practice in the implementation and operation of infrastructure projects.

Skills development

  • Every infrastructure sector experiences constant innovation in technology and procedures. These developments require advanced skills at all levels in an organisation.
  • CIP assists public and private sector organisations in developing a high level of skills & expertise in the workforce.
  • We work with sector skills councils, industry training centres and other professional bodies to optimise skills training to create competent and efficient human resources in an organisation.
  • Our skills training programmes provide opportunities for upward mobility for talented young men and women.

Advisory services

CIP implements an integrated approach to advisory services for infrastructure projects:

  • We work with specialists with best experience in the sector
  • We bring together public and private sector experts
  • We utilise international and local expertise

Project support

  • Many infrastructure projects have substantial novel technologies, project structures, and more integration across sectors.
  • CIP provides project support for all stages of planning, design, implementation and operation.

International best practice

  • Every infrastructure sector is subject to rapid advances in best practice.
  • Implementation of best practice depends on a number of interdependent factors, demanding a customised approach.
  • CIP uses international and local expertise to advise on the implementation of best practice for infrastructure projects.


The CIP team, associates and partners cover a spread of infrastructure sectors. Wherever possible, we combine international and country-based expertise. Sectors include: